Specific Goals

Academia Menonita affirms its commitment to contribute to the formation of excellence of the student, in light of the needs assessment. The specific goals are detailed as follows:
- Promote the integral development of the student, providing him/her with the essential elements.
- Offer a varied, integrated and challenging educational program, that responds to the needs of the student.
- Develop a calendar of curricular, co-curricular, extra-curricular, cultural, student service, and community service activities, to affirm the teaching-learning process.

General Goal

The realization of our school’s mission is channeled through the general goal of providing a learning context in which the students can develop their spiritual, intellectual, emotional, social, and physical talents to their maximum capacity, empowering to be useful citizens to society and to God.

Ultimate Goal

The overall and final goal is thus affirmed: that the Gospel of God’s Kingdom be appropriated in the very process of meeting the child’s fundamental needs. The Gospel of God’s Kingdom is understood as God’s gift and promise of the in breaking of the new creation under the lordship of Christ. The fruits of the learning process expected to take place are comprehensive and they involve the different registers of behavior as well as interpersonal dynamics.

Our fundamental assumption here is that:

“…the climax, the very heart of education is Christian education. Christian education seeks out not just the useful life or the life of wisdom and dedication, but the reclaimed life, the life transformed by the God who created man in His own image, who revealed Himself with redemptive clarity in Jesus Christ and whose Holy Spirit guides those who see and respond…”