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March Menu

A selection of fruit, fresh salad or veggies will be served every day. The student will have a selection of beverage to choose from.Menu subject to change without prior notification.

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You can check special dates in the year to make your own schedule...


Welcome Students 2016-2017

Thank you for your interest in Academia Menonita as an option for your son’s or daughter’s education. It is an honor for us to have your trust and hopes.

Tips for conviviality

No student can enter the school without his/her Identification Card, cell phones will only be allowed when the student participates in a day-long field trip outside the Academy.More...

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Spring concert 2017, March 11

Are you ready for the best musical experience? coming soon...

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Academia Menonita, San Juan - Puerto Rico
Urb. Summit Hills, 1751 Asomante Street, San Juan, PR 00920-4300
Telephone: 1 787 - 783 1295
Fax: 1 787 - 783 1280
email: information@acadmensj.org

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